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The  Mindfulness, Relaxation and Meditation Course Information

Mindfulness is a practice it is like learning a new language – you need to use it in your daily life to create the changes you desire. We need to congratulate ourselves for taking the time and commitment to improve our life experiences, to increase levels of happiness and confidence whilst reducing stress levels. The purpose of Mindfulness is for you to find your own equilibrium in the precious moment and sense the coping mechanisms that lie within. If you listen carefully your inner self already knows the answers…we just need to take the time to listen.


Week 1 – Where the Mind goes the Body Follows. Understanding the Mind Body Connection – Meditation/ Visualization. Introduction to Stress PNS/SNS. What is Auto- Pilot? How we can reduce stress. Progressive Relaxation Meditation. Readings and Discussion.


Week 2 – The Miracle of Mindfulness and Meditation. Explain the Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation. The Coping Breath Meditation. Introduction to diaphragmatic breathing. The Body Scan Meditation – experiential to really focus attention moment by moment. Being kind & gentle to yourself.


Week 3 – Prior Learning Stress management and Relaxation Techniques. Your story what best describes you. Observing perceptions of self… Where did these thoughts originate, are they true?  Discuss What we think determines how we feel and how we feel determines how we act. Guided Relaxation.

Week 4 – Using creative visualization as a great way to create change.  Relaxation – Joy Breathing. Mindfulness – Sensory experience visual, auditory and kinaesthetic observations.  Consider one area you would like to let go of and another you would like to create.  Guided Meditation.

Week 5 – Practising Gratitude. Revisit the Mind Body Connection. Discuss the things we are thankful for. How can we interrupt our autopilot and become more aware?  Observing and Noting Techniques.  Meditation on positive change. 

Week 6 – Evaluation session - how can I change the way I think, act and speak to create a more beautiful version of living - it only takes 3 weeks focus to reverse a habit. Transferable skills to your daily life use them – keep practising! Loving Kindness Meditation.

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